Aleksandra Belousova


I chose to do the CELTA course at Cambridge School because I used to study English there and Ioved the teachers. The CELTA tutors were super professional and I really admire them and the work they do.

Kate Jones


The assignments were challenging but useful. Personally, I really enjoyed writing the ‘Focus on the learner’ assignment, it was very interesting.

Dean Edwards

South Africa

My accommodation was great, Enri and her family made me feel welcome at all times. I also thought our tutors were great. They really cared and always tried to help us where and when ever they could. They provided both moral and intellectual support.

Neha Malhotra


My favourite thing on the course was the hands-on teaching practice. You really feel like a teacher!

Melanie Westmorland


The final week was the key week in which things started to fall into place. I would therefore strongly recommend that anyone thinking of doing a CELTA course do a five-week one. I can’t imagine having to cram the course into four weeks and am really glad I chose to do a five-week one.

Leanne McGrady


After researching on Internet, I knew CELTA is one of the most widely recognised certificates for teaching English. I didn’t have any teaching experience before, so I started from scratch. It’s been a lot of hard work, and haven’t had any free time. It was a good job it was a 5 week course. If it had been 4 weeks, I’d have gone mental. Now I’ve done the course, I know I want to carry on and find a teaching job.

Danielle Fidler


I’ve learn a lot in this course. It’s really good the way you practise as you go and the students are real students, real life. The input sessions are also really good, I’ve been able to put them in the practical session.

Charlotte de Souter

The Netherlands

Guidance from tutors was very good. I always felt that I could count on our tutors whenever needed.

Vicky Hearle


The input sessions were varied and interesting. Great teaching and a good pace. I especially enjoyed the ones about using songs and videos, and the sessions about phonemic script.

Zara Nasim


The interview and all the pre-course information was great, the interviewer answered all my questions and I felt I was very well prepared mentally for the course.

Alex Fowler


I learned a lot, a ton of teaching techniques, how to act in front of students, have a professional attitude, how to evaluate yourself constructively… I absolutely feel more confident now after the course. Students have been really great, both sets were really good and allowed us to progress, they participated very well.

Anna Pont


The resources and facilities at the centre were great. They have everything you need and more, easy access to computers, books, materials…

Matt Prosser


The course has met my expectations and beyond, as far as quality goes. I had never talked in front of people before, everything related to methodology was new to me and now I can see the value of it. I’m excited about the prospects of career development. They need CELTA teachers in Australia too!

Maria Arintseva


I looked for a CELTA course in Europe, and this 5-week one is the the best option, I can’t imagine it in 4 weeks, that would be too intensive. I can say I’ve enjoyed the course. It’s stressful sometimes, but that’s part of the learning experience. All the trainers were very supportive and the group too, there’s been a very nice atmosphere.

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