Vicky Hearle


The input sessions were varied and interesting. Great teaching and a good pace. I especially enjoyed the ones about using songs and videos, and the sessions about phonemic script.


Surya Subrahmanyan


The DELTA course has been extremely beneficial to me in many ways. First of all, I felt the tutors have been very professional and supportive. The contribution of the tutors and all my co-participants was invaluable and their feedback too has been extremely thought-provoking. Honestly, I also liked the way they gave feedback on different aspects of teaching. Secondly, throughout the course, I have been fortunate to witness different teaching styles and techniques. Finally, I am really grateful to the whole team of DELTA tutors for all the help they extended to me.

Delta Module Two

Iskra Stamenkoska


I would recommend the Delta course at Cambridge School wholeheartedly! I’m glad I selected this school. I believe the 5 weeks were a transformative experience. The trainer-support on the course was by far the most impressive part of my whole Delta experience. All tutors demonstrated that they really care about the candidates. I have grown tremendously as a result of the input from my tutors and my colleagues, and the feedback sessions resonated with empathy and support.

Delta Module Two

Assel Aubakirova


Trainer support was immense! I don’t know if I’d be able to cope with the Delta course without the trainer support. The trainers were always there for us, willing to answer any questions we had. I will never forget this experience because it has had a huge impact on my career and personality.

Delta Module Two

Zara Nasim


The interview and all the pre-course information was great, the interviewer answered all my questions and I felt I was very well prepared mentally for the course.


Alex Fowler


I learned a lot, a ton of teaching techniques, how to act in front of students, have a professional attitude, how to evaluate yourself constructively… I absolutely feel more confident now after the course. Students have been really great, both sets were really good and allowed us to progress, they participated very well.


Oksana Pelekhata


Thank you very much! This Delta course was the hardest, but probably the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.

Delta Module Two

Anna Pont


The resources and facilities at the centre were great. They have everything you need and more, easy access to computers, books, materials…


Matt Prosser


The course has met my expectations and beyond, as far as quality goes. I had never talked in front of people before, everything related to methodology was new to me and now I can see the value of it. I’m excited about the prospects of career development. They need CELTA teachers in Australia too!


Maria Arintseva


I looked for a CELTA course in Europe, and this 5-week one is the the best option, I can’t imagine it in 4 weeks, that would be too intensive. I can say I’ve enjoyed the course. It’s stressful sometimes, but that’s part of the learning experience. All the trainers were very supportive and the group too, there’s been a very nice atmosphere.