Our teachers

Cambridge School has a team of over 90 full-time language teachers all of whom are native speakers with a university degree and CELTA or equivalent teaching qualification.  Our motivated team is always happy to welcome teachers or trainee teachers doing CELTA, DELTA or young learner teacher training courses.  Many training course participants take the opportunity to observe our expert teachers in action while at the school.

Teacher trainers

Steve Norman (BA Ed., CELTA, DELTA) Steve Norman (BA, ATC, CELTA, DELTA) is the Director of CELTA and DELTA courses and an educational consultant for the Cambridge School group. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the world of ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer and academic manager. He has had numerous articles published in EFL magazines and has given seminars at conferences all over Spain. He enjoys investigating the complexities of English grammar and has a special interest in phonology. Before coming to Spain, he was a secondary school teacher in the UK. In his free time he enjoys playing the keyboards and guitar and writing the annual Cambridge School pantomime.
Penny Doukakaros (Bsc Com, BA Lang, CELTA, DELTA) Penny Doukakaros (Bsc Com, BA Lang, CELTA, DELTA) is the Director of Studies for the Cambridge School group and is also a CELTA and DELTA teacher trainer. Australian-born and of Greek heritage, she joined our team in 2005 and has since excelled as a teacher of both young learners and adults and as a teacher trainer. Penny is especially interested in the field of testing students and, as a speaker of seven languages herself, in working with advanced level learners. In her free time she takes a keen interest in the arts and avant-guard music and cinema.
Philippa Cairncross (CELTA, DELTA) Philippa Cairncross (CELTA, DELTA) has more than 15 years of experience as an English teacher, teacher trainer and school director. Born and raised in Argentina by British parents, she lived in Denmark and Ibiza before joining Cambridge school in 2002. Philippa is a CELTA trainer and a strong believer in Communicative Methodology and the pivotal role of speaking practice in language acquisition. In her free time she likes horse-riding and hiking.
Denise Thompson (MA Ed., CELTA, DELTA) Denise Thompson (MA Ed., CELTA, DELTA) has over 25 years of experience as a teacher, teacher trainer and has led CELTA courses in the USA, New Zealand and Spain. Originally from Liverpool, she started working at Cambridge School in 2002 and is a tutor on our CELTA and DELTA courses. She has a master’s degree in education and has a wide range of interests including English grammar, language aquisition and teaching young learners. Denise enjoys cinema, reading and spending time with her family in her leisure time.
Rod Earnscliffe (BSc Econ, CELTA, DELTA) Rod Earnscliffe (BSc Econ, CELTA, DELTA) has been a teacher and teacher trainer for more than 23 years and has worked in Britain, Ecuador and the Middle East as well as Spain. He joined Cambridge School in 1999 and has specialised as a teacher of adult and professional learners as well as teacher training. Before moving into TEFL, Rod obtained a Geography degree and also worked as a Careers Officer. Rod is a CELTA trainer and senior teacher of in-company (Business English) and official exam preparation classes. When not at work, Rod is a keen walker, music fan and family man.
Noel Danaher (BA French/History, MA TESOL, CELTA, DELTA) Noel Danaher (BA French/History, MA TESOL, CELTA, DELTA) has 25 years experience as a teacher in Ireland, the UK and Spain. Noel joined Cambridge School in 2004 and since then has specialised in teaching both older teenagers and adult learners. Noel completed the Delta in 2012 and is now a Celta trainer. In his free time he enjoys cinema, music, reading and playing badminton.
Anna Owsiany (MA ed. CELTA, DELTA)Anna Owsiany (MA ed. CELTA, DELTA) ) is the External Exams Coordinator at Cambridge School and both a CELTA and DELTA teacher trainer. Having obtained her master’s degree in teaching English from Gdansk University, Poland, Anna moved to Oxford where she tried her hand at being a nursery assistant and worked as an administrator at Oxford University. Since 1997 she has been working in the field of English language teaching, including as teacher, examiner and teacher trainer. Anna’s interests in the field of ELT range from using translation in class to emotional and psychological factors affecting the learning process. In her free time, Anna enjoys classical music, long walks and video games.
Maria Wern (BA Lang, CELTA, DELTA)Maria Wern (BA Lang, CELTA, DELTA) moved into the field of teaching in 2005 in Germany, when she realised life as a translator would be too monotonous. She joined Cambridge School in 2009, and has since taught a wide range of levels from one-year-olds to proficiency. Since 2012 she has been Assistant Head of the Young Learners Department and has been responsible for in-service teacher training and mentoring of teachers who are new to teaching children and teenagers. Maria is a CELTA and DELTA teacher trainer and especially interested in the use of technology in the classroom and interference phenomena in language acquisition. In her free time she enjoys learning languages, music and photography.

Accommodation Officer

Enri Garcia
Enri Garcia places our CELTA trainees in homestays and acts as a liaison between trainees and their hosts for the duration of their course. She is always happy to help trainees settle in and to answer any questions about Granollers and the local area. Enri has worked at Cambridge School since 2001 and is also responsible for placing Spanish students in English programmes in the UK and further afield. She divides her free time between her family and being the lead singer of a rock ‘n’ roll group.