Module Two is all about the teaching!

Module Two is the Delta module that includes a teaching practice component. Trainees teach a group of real students on at least six occasions and they’re usually observed by tutors and/or peers. In preparation for their lessons, trainees produce extensive lesson plans and a background essay to justify their choice of methodologies and to show their understanding of underpinning theories and principles.

Full-time or part-time, it’s all about the teaching!

On the 5-week full-time course, which Cambridge School offers in June/July, the trainees are involved in teaching practice (either teaching or observing) almost every afternoon, following on from the input sessions that run in the mornings.

On the part-time course which runs from October to May, the trainees teach or observe every Friday from January to May (the input sessions run in term 1). Every teaching practice session ends with a feedback session led by a course tutor, in which the trainees provide supportive and constructive feedback to their peers.

What are our current trainees up to?

Our current Delta Module Two part-time candidates met their group of practice students last Friday. These are the students they will be tailoring all their Delta lessons for!

The aim of the first teaching session was for the trainees to get to know their students as people and for the students to get to know their teachers as people! But also for the trainees to find out about their students’ interest, language learning history, abilities, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Luckily, the practice students are lovely people, easy to work with, enthusiastic, open to engaging in all sorts of activities and tasks and eager to be taught.

It’s no wonder the actual teaching is often one of our trainees’ favourite part of the course!

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