Meet our trainers! (1)

Hi Adam! How did you get into teaching English as a foreign language?

I had been travelling in South America and began to start learning Spanish for the first time. It was through the study of another language that I realised that I knew nothing about my own language. When I returned to the UK, I started reading about the English language and from there I decided that ELT might well be for me.

Tell us about your interests in ELT (English Language Teaching).

I am interested in Task-Based learning and the use of real-world tasks to encourage learners to utilise their language knowledge effectively. I strongly believe that using the language to bring about tangible results and authentic interactions.

What training experience had you had prior to being trained up as a CELTA trainer?

I had delivered many seminars and workshops on a variety of topics, in the various institutions that I have worked. Moreover, I have mentored new teachers and helped them to be more efficient planners and to think about alternative ways to present language.

What does being trained up as a CELTA trainer involve?

The training involved shadowing two courses. In the first course, I observed 50 input sessions given by different tutors, writing up a short report on what I had seen. I also designed and delivered two of my own sessions which were in turn observed and I received feedback on each one. The second course involved watching the trainees teach and then giving feedback on their teaching, after consultation and discussion with the main course tutor. Aside from this, I also had a portfolio to complete which contained individual tasks focussing on course content, giving feedback, timetabling issues and reflection.

What aspect of training do you most enjoy?

I enjoy working one-to-one with the trainees. Here you can provide ideas for how to tackle certain issues and tasks in the class. What is most interesting is watching how they interpret your ideas and how they develop them through the planning process and the delivery in the actual class. 

What do you do when you’re not teaching or training?

I usually read or listen to music to wind down and relax. I also try to work on my own language skills and practise my Spanish whenever I can.

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