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Meet our Delta graduates! (1)

Paulina Woźniak did our intensive Delta Module Two course in summer 2018. Before doing Module Two, she had been teaching English for almost 7 years; 2,5 of them in Spain. She has an MA’s Degree in Ethnolinguistics and a post-graduate diploma in teaching. She also runs her own blog, check it out!

Why did you decide to do the Delta?

Well, I decided to do the Delta to prove what I am “worth” on the ELT market as a non-native speaker. I also wanted to learn more about English teaching, although I did have a lot of previous knowledge thanks to my university degree. Finally, many schools and companies don’t see my university degree as an equivalent of the Delta. Delta is believed to be ‘The Holy Grail’ of ELT qualifications.
I have completed all three modules.

What aspect of the course did you most enjoy?

I suppose the good atmosphere promoted by the tutors. When they say that during the module two you only live and breathe Delta, they don’t lie or exaggerate. I loved the fact that I could always count on my fellow trainees as well. For the five weeks, we were a family. Delta is difficult and stressful, it is important to know and feel that everybody around you is there for you.

Tell us about the impact it’s had on your teaching and/or career.

I definitely feel more empowered. I have also noticed that the teachers around me trust my opinions and my advice. Finally, my expertise is taken into consideration when it comes to choosing course books for students.

What have you been up to since?

I have started running workshops for the fellow teachers at my school and I present at conferences (ACEIA, TESOL, FECEI). I also run my own blog ( with teaching materials and ideas which I hope one day we’ll be a point of reference for other teachers. As a teacher, I am not scared of experimenting in the classroom, one example could be applying the flipped classroom approach.

What’s next for you?

The teacher training position at my school is leading me towards management. Recently, I have been nominated as a Cambridge examiner and hopefully, in the future I could work as a tutor on teacher training courses. The truth is after the Delta nothing seems impossible, so it’s matter of setting a goal and achieving it.

Good luck with everything, Paulina! It was great having you on the course.

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