Congratulations! - CELTA October - November 2018

Today is our CELTA ‘trainees’ last day at Cambridge School, and they will go back to their countries (England, France and Scotland/Italy) as newly qualified English teachers.

To the three of them: congratulations for your achievement and good luck with your projects!

Last day of our CELTA May-June course

Last day of our CELTA May-June course, our trainees had a great time teaching their practice students!

Last day on the course

Our DELTA trainees have had their last lesson with their practice students and are now enjoying a well-deserved glass of “cava”.


Reading, reading...

Our DELTA trainees have survived LSA1 and are busy preparing and reading for LSA2. No rest for the wicked!

January DELTA Module Two course

A warm welcome to our new group of DELTA Module Two candidates from Ireland, the UK, Italy and the Ukraine. Good luck on the course! We hope you enjoy it.