Careers advice sessions

All Cambridge School CELTA courses include an indispensable careers advice session. These sessions include invaluable guidance on how to find the job you want and how to avoid disreputable employers in Spain and worldwide.
Sessions include advice on:
  • How to structure winning CVs/resumes
  • How to make a positive impression in interviews
  • Where to look for work and where to avoid
  • Which TEFL job websites you should use and which are a waste of time
  • How to evaluate the school you’re applying to, including key questions you should ask
  • What kind of classes you should expect to teach in Spain and other major TEFL job markets
  • Teaching young learners, in-company and one-to-one students
  • How to quickly get the documentation you need to work in Spain

Report and references

As well as their certification, all CELTA trainees are also provided with a detailed official report on the different aspects of their performance on the course, which can be used to give prospective employers an overview of their skills and professional qualities.  Furthermore, graduates are encouraged to use their tutors as referees on their CV or resume.