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I don’t know anything about English grammar. Does this matter?
Do I need some prior teaching experience to do the CELTA?
Can I take the CELTA course even if I am a non-native speaker of English?
Can I work in a state school in the UK if I have a CELTA, even if I don’t have a PGCE?
What’s the difference between a CELTA and other TEFL courses?

Living in Spain FAQs

What kind of clothes should I bring with me?
Will I need a visa to get into Spain
Should I get travel insurance?
What if I get ill?
How much money will I need for living expenses?
Will I need to change money before I come or bring travellers cheques?

Working in Spain FAQs

How much can I earn as an English teacher?
How likely am I to find work?
Can I find work as an English teacher even if I haven’t got a CELTA?