What our Trainees say about our DELTA Courses

Adam Kirkman
Having a full teaching timetable while I was doing the DELTA I knew it was going to be hard work.  However, thanks to the support of the tutors (not to mention my fellow teachers) I was able to complete and pass the course.  Steve and the team are very professional and tremendously helpful, providing lotsof guidance and a few laughs along the way.Adam_Kirkman
Noel Danaher
The DELTA is a tough course, so I really appreciated the guidance and support provided by my turors. I was really impressed with their expert knowledge of the field and their constant professionalism and I am sure this contributed a lot to me passing.  Steve and his team made sure I was ready for the challenge.Noel Danaher
Robin Harris
I was extremely grateful to my tutor for his input and support in sucessfully completing DELTA Module 3 and especially his insightful comments in the process of devising and drafting the assignment.Robin Harris
Monica Krueger
Doing the DELTA at Cambridge School was a truly rewarding, eye-opening experience. I found the handouts very useful and all the reading was actually a pleasure. My awareness of teaching and learning issues was greatly deepend by the course.It really has made a difference on both a personal and professional level. A big thanks to the team and my classmates!Monica Krueger
Gemma Bowen
What really made the difference for me was the expertise and caring nature of the tutors.  They spent lots of extra 'off-book' time with me when I needed it.  I know lots of teachers who have done a DELTA course in other schools and they had nowhere near the personalised hands-on support that I enjoyed. A big thanks to Steve and the team for getting me through the DELTA sucessfully.Gemma Bowen