DELTA Course - content and assessment

What is the content of each of the three modules?

Module one focuses on the background to teaching and learning and includes language awareness and methodology.
Module two focuses on developing professional practice and includes teaching practice.
Module three focuses on a specialist option such as young learners, English for Special Purposes, one to ones etc.

How is each module assessed?

Module one is assessed by means of a written exam.
Module two is assessed via a portfolio of coursework, observed lessons, written assignments and an externally assessed lesson observation.
Module three is assessed by means of an extended written assignment.

How do the Cambridge School modules work?

Module two Course The Cambridge School DELTA module two course is a blended learning course. Some of the work you will do in your own time at home. The rest of the work will be done in our centre in Granollers, Spain. There are two kinds of course: the intensive course and the part-time course. The intensive course lasts for 5 weeks – Monday to Friday, 10.00-18.00. Applications for the intensive course are usually made at least 4 months before the face to face course is due to begin so that trainees can complete the online part of the course. The part-time course lasts for seven and a half months, from mid-October to the end of May, every Friday from 10.00-14.00. Applications for the part-time course are usually made over the summer and in early September. The online part of the course begins as soon as you have paid your deposit and continues concurrently with the face to face course through the first term until Christmas. The online course involves guided reading and written tasks. The online component is included in the price of the course. Whether you choose the intensive course or the part-time course, once you have finished the face to face course, you will have done all of the work required for module two, and you can sit back and wait for the results.
Module three Course The Cambridge School DELTA module three course is an online course. Once you are accepted on the course, and once you have paid the course fee, we will send you a link to our moodle platform. By the end of the course, you will have completed a number of tasks designed to help you to understand exactly what is required in order to pass module three. You will also have seen and studied examples of pass assignments. Next, you need to write your module three assignment. To have a better chance of passing, you would be well advised to make use of our marking service.
Module three Marking Service Our marking service is only available for candidates who have fully completed our DELTA module three online course. Once we have agreed to mark your assignment, you should pay your marking fee. You can choose to submit your module 3 assignment in June or December in any year so you can take as long as you like over the writing of the assignment. The module three assignment consists of five parts. As you finish each stage of the assignment, you email it to us and one of our experienced Delta trainers will read what you have written and give you written feedback on it. You can do modules two and three at the same time or you can do them one after the other, in any order.

Core Books

Once you have been offered a place on one of our courses, we will send you a reading list. It is wise to apply for Delta courses as early as possible so that you have plenty of time to read the set books.

Information from Cambridge English Language Assessment

Click on the links to view the leaflet about the DELTA qualification from Cambridge English Language Assessment:
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