Cambridge DELTA – Fast facts

DELTA courses

icon-courseThe DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching for Adults) is an internationally recognized qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge (Cambridge English Language Assessment) and is aimed at teachers who have at least two years full-time experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Why do the DELTA?

icon-courseYou may be looking to further your career prospects; the DELTA is ideal if you want to extend your professional experience and accept new responsibilities or you may be looking for an opportunity to increase your understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching to help improve your performance in the classroom.

DELTA Modules

icon-intensiveThe DELTA syllabus is divided into three separate modules. There is a separate diploma for each module. Teachers can choose how many and which modules they wish to study for.
  • Module one focuses on the background to learning and teaching and includes language awareness and methodology. Assessment is by means of a written exam.
  • Module two focuses on developing professional practice and includes teaching practice. Module two is assessed by a portfolio of coursework, observed lessons, written assignments and an externally assessed lesson observation
  • Module three focuses on a specialist option such as young learners, English for Special Purposes.. and  is assessed by means of an extended written assignment


icon-eligibility In order to complete all three modules successfully, you should have at least two years full-time (1200 hours) experience of teaching English to adults within the last 5 years, have a range of teaching experience, be a graduate and/or have an initial teaching qualification and have a standard of English which will enable you to teach at a range of levels. In our centre, eligibility criteria vary slightly depending on which module you wish to do. See ‘full details’ for more information about this.


icon-money Cambridge School strives to offer the best possible value teacher training courses. Our module two course costs 1587€ (including the 5% discount) and our module three course costs 310€. Our fees are considerably cheaper than comparable DELTA courses. To get a 5% discount on the module two course, all you have to do is to click on ‘register my interest’ on our website. This offer does not apply to module three.

Cambridge School Group, Catalonia

icon-barcelonaCambridge School Granollers is one of the leading teacher training centres in Catalonia to run this prestigious course. Cambridge School Granollers was founded in 1984 and is the largest of the Cambridge School Group which comprises 9 centres in the area which currently employs over 90 teachers and is responsible for the language training of over 3000 students both in house and in association with local schools and leading businesses in the area.

Quality assurance

icon-qualityNot only are our courses moderated by the University Of Cambridge to ensure the standard of the courses is always excellent but our team of permanent on-site teacher trainers have over 100 years of combined hands on experience of teaching and training and are at the forefront of methodological developments in TEFL.


icon-calendar MODULE TWO We run three intensive 5-week DELTA module two courses every year. We will also be running a part-time DELTA module two course from Friday 19th October 2018 to Friday 31st May 2019.   MODULE THREE Our DELTA module three course is all done online. You can do the course whenever you like at any time during the year.


icon-enrolment MODULE TWO You will need to complete the application form  and pre-interview task from our website and then you will be invited for an interview to assess your suitability for the course and answer any further questions you may have. The interview is usually done by Skype. MODULE THREE You will need to complete the application form  only. You don’t need to do the pre-interview task and you don’t have to be interviewed. If, according to your completed application form, you meet our minimum requirements, we will offer you a place on the course.


icon-acommodation We organise homestay accomodation for teachers doing DELTA module two, usually with a single professional person, sometimes with members of our teaching staff at very reasonable rates. All are comfortable and located a short walk from the school so you can give your full attention to the course.

Job opportunities

icon-jobsCambridge School will provide you with careers advice to help you find the right job for you.  We also regularly provide job opportunities ourselves for DELTA graduates.  In addition, teachers doing training courses with us get exclusive access to our Facebook TEFL Jobs Market which is regularly updated with vacancies both in this region and further afield.

What to do next…

icon-next In the first instance fill in the ‘register my interest form’ and then we will send you a little more information about why we think it will be a good idea for you to do a DELTA course with us. You can then respond to our email with any questions you might want to ask us. Remember that if you decide to apply for one of our module two courses, filling in the ‘register my interest’ form entitles you to a 5% discount on the course fee.