CELTA in the age of Brexit

After almost 50 years of membership, Britain left the European Union on January 31st 2020.  How might this affect your options in the world of English-language teaching?  Here are some:

Will I be able to do a CELTA or DELTA course in Spain? 

This is an easy one!  Absolutely, yes.  During the transition period which lasts until December 31st 2020, Britons retain all their rights as European citizens.  This means you can study in Spain without any kind of restriction or visa.  Although what happens from January 1st 2021 is still up for negotiation, it’s highly unlikely that there will be any changes that would make it difficult to study in Spain.

Will my CELTA or DELTA qualification be valid? 

Yes, absolutely!  CELTA and DELTA are recognised by language schools all over the world – both inside and outside the European Union.  In fact, according to a recent survey, three-quarters of English language teaching job adverts specifically request the CELTA.  They’re the global gold standard!

Will I be able to work in Europe? 

British citizens retain the right to work in the EU without any kind of visa or other impediment until December 31st 2020.  After that, those already working and resident in the EU should retain their rights.  What is unclear is how easy or difficult it will be for UK citizens to relocate to the EU from 2021.  Citizens of other countries with close ties to the EU such as Norway, Switzerland and Iceland enjoy almost unfettered access to the labour market whereas workers from other friendly nations such as the USA, Canada or Australia face tough barriers.  One to watch!  If you really want to live and work in the EU, your best bet is to make your move now, before any prospective barriers go up.

Will I be welcomed by Europeans? 

Europeans reaction to Brexit has been a mix of shock, sadness and bewilderment.  The most common question asked is … why?  Europeans in general have a high regard for the UK and London is a Mecca for Europe’s young despite Brexit.  You will be welcomed with open arms!

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