What our Trainees say about our CELTA Courses

Graeme Walker
The guidance from tutors was excellent. I felt supported and encouraged, and their depth of experience in teaching practice gave great insight and ideas. Thanks for being so patient with me!!Graeme Walker
David Craddock
Guidance from tutors was superb. They were very experienced and their differing styles complemented each other very well. I think in a course like the CELTA, tutor-trainee rapport is essential and I think our tutors could write the book it. Their feedback on our teaching was great. It's not easy to frame criticism as constructive but our tutors deftly balanced the positive and negative points and kept us engaged and motivated.David Craddock
Julia Parmenter
The resources and facilities at the centre were excellent. I barely scratched the surface and still had plenty of material. Everyone was really helpful - pointing me in the right direction. Brilliant!Julia Parmenter
Padhraic Quinn
I found the input sessions informative and extremely practical. They provided me with a foundation of knowledge that I needed to become a successful teacher. The tutors always took account of trainees' opinions and ideas and the handouts are the perfect resource for my learning experience.Padhraic Quinn
Brie Edwards
The pre-course information was very complete and promptly received. Rarely a day went by before the centre had responded to my e-mail enquiries. The interview was very professionally conducted and very informative. The pre-course task was interesting and definitely prepared my mindset for what I could expect on the course.Brie Edwards
Melanie Westmorland
The final week was the key week in which things started to fall into place. I would therefore strongly recommend that anyone thinking of doing a CELTA course do a five-week one. I can't imagine having to cram the course into four weeks and am really glad I chose to do a five-week oneMelanie Westmorland