3 tips to make the most of the CELTA course

3 tips to make the most of the CELTA course

Get some language awareness

Do you know what an infinitive is? the past perfect? a third conditional?

If you’re a non-native English speaker, you’ll have an advantage here.  Most people in English-speaking countries don’t study much grammar in secondary school, so you might not be familiar with this terminology.  However, on the CELTA and as a teacher you’ll need to use it. A great head start would be Basic English Usage by Michael Swan.

Bring a laptop

Although our centre has computer in every classroom and in the teacher’s room, you’ll find it much more convenient to work access your documents from your laptop whether you’re at your homestay or at school.

Keep your notes organised

You’ll be taking notes and getting handouts from two input sessions a day, handouts with information about the classes you have to teach, notes from your observations of your tutors and other trainees, notes from feedback sessions, information about assignments…

It’s essential that you have a system for organising all your paperwork, whether it be by subject area (skills/systems/methodology) or course component (input sessions/teaching practice/assignments).