Upcoming CELTA courses

We run 4 five-week intensive CELTA courses every year. Check out upcoming course dates and choose the one which suits you best!

Dates and prices

Code courseStart dateFinish date
Course Celta C1/2020 Monday 10th February 2020 Friday 13th March 2020
Course Celta C2/2020 Monday 4th May 2020 Friday 5th June 2020
Course Celta C3/2020 Thursday 25th June 2020 Wednesday 29th July 2020
Course Celta C4/2020 Monday 19th October 2020 Friday 20th November 2020

Dates and prices

Code courseStart dateFinish date
Delta Module Two Course D4/2019 Friday 18th October 2019 Tuesday 19th May 2020
Delta Module Two Course D1/2020 Thursday 25th June 2020 Wednesday 29th July 2020
Delta Module Three You can do our Module Three Online course whenever you like throughout the year.

Dates and prices

Upcoming DELTA courses

As well as running part-time Delta Module Two courses from October to May, we offer a 5-week full-time course which is ideal for people who prefer to do the course intensively.

Dates and prices


Adam Kirkman

Having a full teaching timetable while I was doing the DELTA I knew it was going to be hard work. However, thanks to the support of the tutors (not to mention my fellow teachers) I was able to complete and pass the course. Steve and the team are very professional and tremendously helpful, providing lots of guidance and a few laughs along the way.

Aleksandra Belousova

I chose to do the CELTA course at Cambridge School because I used to study English there and Ioved the teachers. The CELTA tutors were super professional and I really admire them and the work they do.

Alex Fowler

I learned a lot, a ton of teaching techniques, how to act in front of students, have a professional attitude, how to evaluate yourself constructively… I absolutely feel more confident now after the course. Students have been really great, both sets were really good and allowed us to progress, they participated very well.

Anna Pont

The resources and facilities at the centre were great. They have everything you need and more, easy access to computers, books, materials…

Assel Aubakirova

Trainer support was immense! I don’t know if I’d be able to cope with the Delta course without the trainer support. The trainers were always there for us, willing to answer any questions we had. I will never forget this experience because it has had a huge impact on my career and personality.

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